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Qualify as a paralegal

In the modern law firm, the paralegal is a person of considerable importance. As a paralegal you will have input into how clients' cases are dealt with. You will be considered a specialist within your area of practice, which could be to do with commercial law, contract law, criminal law, tort law, civil procedure, or any other area of law.

You will be meeting a range of clients and advising them on matters which are of the utmost importance to their daily lives.

The courses at Paralegal College are approved by the UK's leading paralegal organisation, the Institute of Paralegals, and our unique methods of assessment are designed to get you firmly on the ladder to success. All assessments are verified by an independent external examiner.

Dr John Olsson, Barrister of the Inner Temple

Dr John Olsson, Barrister of the Inner Temple

Your teacher is Dr John Olsson, a law lecturer and barrister called by the Inner Temple. He is highly experienced. He has written all the courses in both the Certificate and the Award and is known for being very supportive of all his students, usually replying to emails in a matter of hours. The courses he has designed are intended to be practical, down-to-earth, and legally useful. Students are assessed on knowledge, skill and competency in a way which is intended to ensure that those who pass our courses are fully able to take up their legal duties in their chosen field. Our students' assessments are quality checked by an independent external examiner.

Our courses

We run independent modules for Foundations of Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law and Civil Procedure and Litigation.

We also run two qualifying courses: the Certificate in Paralegal Studies (equivalent to a first year university course) and the Introduction to Paralegal Studies Award (equivalent to UK A Level).


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